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Friends and Family

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Cedar Springs Hospital is unique in its approach to treatment. Our psychiatric programs employ a solution-oriented approach emphasizing the strengths and successes of clients and their families. A positive culture is maintained through a commitment to a “partnership in treatment.”

For our child and adolescent patients, this partnership includes:

  • The child and his or her family
  • The caseworker
  • The probation officer
  • The guardian ad litem
  • The school and/or the home community
  • The primary care physician
  • The community therapist

The treatment team involves the patient, friends, and family in a collaborative effort to build a respectful, caring, and healing environment.

At Cedar Springs Hospital in Colorado Springs, we work hard to resolve conflict and promote positive change. We strive to make families safe, nurturing and supportive. Our goal is to promote balance, vitality and direction in the lives of the families and friends we serve.