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Military Services

Cedar Springs Hospital provides a full continuum of care from acute crisis stabilization and inpatient rehabilitation to outpatient partial hospitalization program. Our philosophy is to provide high quality care and treatment for Service Members struggling with behavioral health issues to include substance use issues, emotional, behavioral and cognitive issues, or Post Traumatic Stress symptoms. We provide a safe and structured treatment environment to maximize the opportunity for patients and their families to explore the presence of illness in their lives.

The Bridge Program

Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

The Bridge Partial Hospitalization Program serves adults living with a wide range of psychiatric and substance use disorders. This highly structured, intensive program is designed for individuals who require a higher level of treatment than traditional outpatient services can provide, but who do not require inpatient services.

Participants attend groups throughout the day and then can use the skills they are learning when returning home for evenings and weekends. The program is built on evidence-based treatments to help individuals achieve their goals and return to their daily activities.

The Bridge has several different treatment tracks tailored to individual needs.

New Choices

Treatment involves comprehensive medical, psychiatric and psychological assessments and implementation of an Interdisciplinary Treatment Plan which includes group therapy, individual therapy, family therapy, and experiential activity therapy. The daily schedule includes focused goal-setting, group therapy and psycho-educational groups in which individuals address the issues that have disrupted their lives. Daily visitation is available for patients and their families.

Each client will receive weekly:

  • One to two individual therapy sessions
  • One family session
  • One session with Psychiatrist and continuous medication management
  • Equine Assisted Psycho-Therapy

Programming includes:

    • Scheduled outings to include Physical Exercise and Community Events
    • Recreational Therapy and Yoga
    • Nutritional Education and Individual Dietary Planning


Part of our mission is to give back to the men and women of the military who honor us with their service and sacrifice. Realizing that no single treatment works for everyone, we offer several intervention options for Complex Post Traumatic Stress. Upon clinical assessment, we may offer therapeutic intervention grounded in the concepts Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Cognitive Processing Theory, and, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Treatment also includes: medication management; family education and support; individual, group and family therapy; recreational and physical fitness; and individual case management.

This specialized program provides a safe environment for military members and family members to discuss and get help for the challenges that may arise from the demands of military life.

Additional resources for military service members and their families. For more information contact our Military Team 719.210.0534 or 719.338.5311 o or make a referral today.