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Our deepest appreciation goes to two of our unique partners in the ongoing battle to retain the health, honor and dignity of our Warriors: the El Paso County Veterans Trauma Court (VTC) and LifeQuest Transitions (LQT).

Complex PTS combined with the self-medication, aggression, and alienation that can co-occur will often place a veteran into the judicial system. With the permission of the 4th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, eligible veterans are moved from the traditional court environment into the El Paso County Veterans Trauma Court (VTC) where they must agree to actively engage in treatment/counseling, make regular court appearances, and are carefully supervised. Judge Ronald D. Crowder and the VTC program staff support qualifying veterans in accessing mental health and/or substance abuse treatment and can connect them to educational, housing, and employment resources. Referrals into the VTC program can come from: defendants, their family members, attorneys, judges, jail and probation staff, and mental health professionals. Through partnership with the VTC we honor the military service of our veterans by assisting them in accessing treatment and services while still holding them accountable for their actions.

Veterans with mental health conditions are more likely to be homeless and/or suffer from substance abuse than their civilian counterparts. They are two times more likely to get divorced, three times more likely to be unemployed, and four times more likely to attempt suicide. The physical and invisible injuries incurred often affect the soldier’s ability to reconnect with their families and communities while inhibiting their ability to transition to civilian or military life. Grove Higgins and CW Conner, founders of LifeQuest Transitions (LQT), understand the complexity of the effects of physical trauma on the mental health of an individual, as well as the deep impact of psychological trauma on one’s physical health. LQT was founded and exists to champion solutions to help men and women of the armed forces and their families; the LQT team excels at inspiring a level of dedication to physical recuperation/health and whole person balance/reintegration.

Together with the health professionals at Cedar Springs Hospital, these community partners make a huge difference every day in the lives of those who have served our country so valiantly. Our programs are TRICARE®-certified. Contact us today to learn more.